Our Services

We make sure the property owners know what to expect up front with no hidden fees and no surprises.

Our property management fees range from 3.5% – 7.0% of monthly income collected. Additional services are also available.

Property Marketing

Our comprehensive marketing tools help to find the right tenant fast by automatically posting vacant units to every popular apartment search engine and listing site. We use a combination of advertising tools to connect with a large audience of local renters.

Financial Reporting

Truly understand your property’s financial performance with detailed reports outlining your income, expenses and profit margins. We provide detailed monthly reporting to all of our clients.

Tenant Screening

Tired of bad renters causing headaches in your property? We inspect applicant backgrounds, prior records and employment status. We carefully screening every application we receive


If you get stuck with a bad apple causing problems, an eviction might become necessary. We'll hold your hand through the process and work to minimize the frustration.


Simplified and accurate accounting is completed on a monthly and annual basis. These reports make income and expense reporting effortless. Many of our clients have their accountants call us directly for their annual report for income tax returns.

Legal Guidance

Do you understand the specifics of California's complicated landlord-tenant laws? Don't find yourself non-compliant. Let the experts keep you current on the latest ordinances.

Professional Maintenance

Our professional in-house maintenance team respond to requests promptly and work with trusted vendors to get the job done in a quality and timely manner.

Property Inspections

We perform regular inspections to make sure your property stays healthy and in top shape.

Rent Collection

Rent checks should come in on time every month, without fail. We work to make that happen, invoicing tenants, processing payments, and enforcing late payment penalties.

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